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deprecated ChaCha20 and XChaCha20 encryption functions

#include <monocypher.h>

crypto_chacha20_init(crypto_chacha_ctx *ctx, const uint8_t key[32], const uint8_t nonce[8]);

crypto_chacha20_x_init(crypto_chacha_ctx *ctx, const uint8_t key[32], const uint8_t nonce[24]);

crypto_chacha20_encrypt(crypto_chacha_ctx *ctx, uint8_t *cipher_text, const uint8_t *plain_text, size_t text_size);

crypto_chacha20_stream(crypto_chacha_ctx *ctx, uint8_t *stream, size_t stream_size);

crypto_chacha20_set_ctr(crypto_chacha_ctx *ctx, uint64_t ctr);

These functions provided an incremental interface for the ChaCha20 cipher. They were deprecated in favour of crypto_chacha20(), crypto_chacha20_ctr(), crypto_xchacha20(), and crypto_xchacha20_ctr().

For encryption, you can achieve an identical effect as the deprecated functions by using crypto_chacha20_ctr() or crypto_xchacha20_ctr(). However, care needs to be taken with regards to handling the counter value when migrating old code to use the new functions. The new functions . This means that input ciphertexts or plaintexts whose lengths are not exactly multiples of 64 bytes advance the counter, even though there is theoretically some space left in a ChaCha20 block. New applications should design their code so that either the protocol is not reliant on the counter covering the entire text (e.g. by cutting input into independent chunks) or inputs are always such that their lengths are multiples of 64 bytes (e.g. by buffering input until 64 bytes have been obtained).

To obtain the raw ChaCha20 stream previously provided by (), pass NULL to crypto_chacha20 as plaintext.

These functions return nothing.

crypto_chacha20(), crypto_chacha20_ctr(), crypto_xchacha20(), crypto_xchacha20_ctr(), crypto_lock(), crypto_wipe(), intro()

The crypto_chacha20_encrypt() and crypto_chacha20_init() functions first appeared in Monocypher 0.1. crypto_chacha20_stream() was added in Monocypher 0.2. crypto_chacha20_x_init() and crypto_chacha20_set_ctr() were added in Monocypher 1.0. They were deprecated in Monocypher 3.0.0 and will be removed in Monocypher 4.0.0.

June 11, 2021 Debian