Boring crypto that simply works



Test suite

Designed and implemented by Loup Vaillant, using libsodium (by many authors), and ed25519-donna (by Andrew Moon —floodyberry).


Loup Vaillant, Fabio Scotoni, and Michael Savage.


Fabio Scotoni provided much needed advice about testing, interface, packaging, and the general direction of the whole project. He also redesigned the style sheets.

Mike Pechkin and André Maroneze found bugs in earlier versions of Monocypher.

Andrew Moon clarified carry propagation in modular arithmetic, and provided advice and code that significantly simplified and improved Elligator2 mappings.

Mike Hamburg explained comb algorithms, including the signed all-bits-set comb described in his 2012 paper, Fast and compact elliptic-curve cryptography. This made EdDSA signatures over twice as fast.

Samuel Lucas found many typos in both the manual and the website.

Jens Alfke added some #ifdefs that enabled Monocypher to compile into a C++ namespace, preventing symbol collisions with similarly-named functions in other crypto libraries.